Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Switching To a More Efficient Bulb

Fluorescent lamps give off the same amount of light as their traditional incandescent counterparts, but they require considerably less electricity, which in turn reduces the damaging effects electric power generation causes to the environment. Incandescent light bulbs actually require four times the amount of energy to produce equivalent light in a fluorescent lamp. Fluorescent lamps are four to six times more efficient than incandescent lamps, reducing the power demand from local utilities. Because most power stations use coal as a source for electrical generation, they are large emitters of both greenhouse gas and mercury, which is naturally occurring in most coal that is used today.

Mercury does present significant health and safety risks to consumers and handlers. However, proper packaging does exist that has been proven to protect people from mercury vapor exposure when handling fragile fluorescent lamps. To ensure sufficient packaging methods are used, packaging regulations should be defined and enforced.

Brad Buscher
Chairman and CEO
VaporLok Products LLC

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