Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Capturing Mercury Vapor from Broken CFLs

VaporLokCapture™is a breakthrough adsorbent technology used in fluorescent lamp and compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) storage and shipping containers for capturing mercury vapor from broken lamps and CFLs. VaporLokCapture will be incorporated into VaporLok Products industrial and consumer CFL packaging solutions which include the Mercury VaporLok® zippered, foil-plastic laminate bag and VaporLokCapture adsorbant. Unlike other containers, these enhanced packages are nearly 100 percent effective in containing mercury vapor and more than 95% effective in adsorbing harmful mercury vapor—ensuring the protection of handlers, end-users, transporters and recyclers.

Using a proprietary process, the patent-pending adsorbent is manufactured with powdered activated carbon and inert chemicals. When lamps or CFLs break, the adsorbent immediately begins to capture the mercury vapor. In addition to broken lamps, VaporLokCaptur™ is designed to adsorb mercury vapor from any device or product containing mercury. You can view a short animated depiction of this process at

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