Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dangers of Mercury Vapor

Mercury vapor can be detrimental to consumers’ and handlers’ health—from those involved with handling new fluorescent bulbs to people involved with storing, packaging and shipping used and broken lamps. Vapor released from shattered lamps can be contained in specifically designed mercury storage packages, but concentrations inside this packaging can remain dangerously high, creating a risk if the package is opened or perforated. The vapors can be captured within mercury-safe packages with the inclusion of a new, patent-pending adsorbent technology that effectively reduces vapor levels over periods of time.

A Study by NUCON International, Inc., a world-wide leader in providing gas, vapor and liquid phase adsorption solutions, found the adsorbent showed an immediate reduction of mercury vapors by nearly 60 percent after 15 minutes. After 12 hours, the reduction can reach more than 95 percent. This technology, recently announced at the Air & Waste Management Association’s Conference & Exhibition, provides consumers and transporters who come into contact with used CFLs a safe way to handle them. With the vapor contained and captured in safe packaging, consumers’ and handlers’ risks of vapor leaks or seepage are greatly reduced. Also, a small consumer-size recycling bag, available soon, will feature this technology and allow people to safely store three to four used lamps at home before taking them to a retailer or municipality that accepts CFLs for recycling.

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